Find out how Error Alarm works and how we help you to keep your websites running.

What is Error Alarm ?

Error Alarm is an uptime tracking web application. Error Alarm monitors your website or service and checks if it is up and running. If your website is down Error Alarm sends you an alert to your email or your phone using SMS.

Why use Error Alarm ?

Are you running a website? Then you probably know that sometimes things can go wrong. It could be a problem within the code, the server or a network issue.

This is where Error Alarm comes in to help you keep your website up and running. Error Alarm sends you an alert by email or SMS if you and your users cant get access to your website. This allows you to react immediately and get your website running smoothly again.


How Error Alarm works ?

The Details

  • Error Alarm checks your website or service automatically at the interval you set 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Checks are run up to every 5 minutes if you use Error Alarm for free or up to every 1 minute if you chose one of our paid plans.
  • If a potential problem is spotted Error Alarm will automatically run further checks within the next 30 seconds to confirm that your website is down.
  • We will then send instant notifications to your contacts alerting you of the issue.
  • Ensuring your business is always running smoothly and your users are happy.